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October 18, 2009

SHUNT – Money, London…Warning, I shall be gushing.

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One of the greatest things about going to the theatre is not knowing for sure when you will next see wimg_Money_150hat in your opinion is a great piece of theatre. I was fortunate enough to have this experience last night, when experiencing SHUNT’s new production ‘Money’.

It’s possible I would have never seen the show had it not been for my dissertation supervisor sending me an excited email telling me to go, but by gum i’m glad I did! I had a few hesitations about the production before seeing it, but then my housemate (Helen) coincidently saw the show a few days before me and came home in awe, and without giving too much away, I new I was in for an experience. My first thoughts from reviews I had read was that it may be similar to a show I saw in New York Fuerzabruta, a production I developed a mild obsession with during my summer there. Co-incidently, both ‘Fuerzabruta’ and ‘Money’ alike didnt sit too well with some critics… (more…)

October 15, 2009

Review- Our Class, National Theatre.

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 Our ClassOur class written by Tadeusz Slobodzianek tells the tremendous story of ten class mates from Jedwabne, Poland and their lives from 1925 to 2002; a time when Soviet and Nazi regimes invaded their town and country, tearing apart the lives of these ten boys and girls. This world premiere of Our Class takes place at the Cottesloe Theatre of the National. Perhaps the need for this premiere to take place in England rather than in Poland gives one a sense of the lifelong effects that such events still have on many people today. (more…)

October 14, 2009

Review – Avenue Q

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Avenue QEarlier this year Avenue Q announced they were closing on the west end. However, once word got out that the musical was on its last legs, the punters came flocking back allowing this furry musical to return with a bang; this time in a new avenue, on Shaftsbury.


With a new start at the Gielgud Theatre, the show is fresh and you are instantly hit at full pelt with a cheesy and overly enthusiastic song (Avenue Q Theme) introducing both the human and puppet characters. Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx are the men responsible for the parodied gems that cover all walks of life such as ‘The Internet Is For Porn’, ‘If You Were Gay’ and ‘Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist’.


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